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Laundry softener 750ML

Use this softener to help the environment, it is based on bicarbonate and vinegar. Perfumed with essential oils.

Multipurpose cleaner 750ML

For regular cleaning, this product will disinfect the cleanable surfaces in your house. It contains citron and tea tree essential oils so it can be used to clean the interior of your house without any dangerous additives.

Dishwashing Liquid 750ML Citrus

A true concentrate, enriched with Marseille Soap and lemon essential oil, it will preserve your hands and cut through fat on your washing-up while being good for the environment as it has all natural ingredients.

Marseille soap flakes 72% - 400Gr

Biodegradable, phosphate free. Powerful stain remover. For delicate clothing and the house.

Diatomaceous’ soil sprinkler

Bicarbonate sprinkler

Moth "Balls" - 80Gr - Marseille soap

6 bars of soap to leave in your wardrobes and drawers

Bamboo vegetable broom

100% vegetable material, this broom is useful to remove cobwebs with no traces.

Metal basin in white iron

Do you know that the worst home pollution are from the cleaning products? ... 60% of the housewives have pulmonary problems due to the chemical emanations because of these? ... You do not have to trust to the subtle smells that they diffuse. Look at labels, we are at your disposal to answer your requests ... "grandmother" recipes made in France manufactured and designed with passion.

Stainless steel seal with wooden handle

Banc Beldi en bois

Baskets & snickers cleaner

Leather and fabrics, this soap renovates and cleans for your feet best enjoyment.

Waste air-fresher 15 ML - Goodbye odours

With essential oils of eucalyptus and white thyme, this deo will eliminate odours in your garbage cans.

Mas du Roseau

Mas du Roseau offers an assortment of products for well being, relaxation and natural home servicing! Our lifestyle and our concept focuses on the art of living and take time to enjoy all the good things that nature offers. For an everyday life more true, healthier, more nature...


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