Mona Alkhemeiri
Mona Alkhemeiri

Ecological Concerns 

Everything has been thought out in detail to be in line with our ecological convictions and to offer you a truer, healthier and more natural daily life. Efficient and environmentally friendly products.
French ingredients from sustainable agriculture. Close partnerships. For our oils, we adhere to the RSPO chain which guarantees an oil of known origin, traceable, without impact on deforestation and which respects ecosystems.
Regarding our packaging, we are doing away with unnecessary packaging. Our products are sold in glass or recyclable plastic bottles. We use recycled or sugar cane-based paper. Our containers are reusable whether to be filled with our products distributed in bulk or with products made by yourself.

Mas Du Roseau Art of Living

More responsible consumption to simply feel good …
A life that respects the environment and the work of others.
Quality manufacturing implemented by people from all walks of life who share our values.
A permanent concern to preserve our planet by practicing and favoring recycling.
We take care of your WELL-BEING with our soap maker know-how.

Pour la fête des pères

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