We are all passionnate!

We are all passionnate!

PATRICK RUPÉ : Consultant

PASCALE LEFBVRE: Creator and Big Boss

Pierre Henry = He is in charge of transport and purchases.
Camille, Nina & Julie = ADV – They are at your service.

JOELLE & CHRISTELLE = ACCOUNTING – For invoices, they are here!

Cristel = GRAPHIC DESIGNER – To source and format our desires and ideas

DORIAN & JULIEN = They are in charge of liquid
DYLAN = Our Master Soap Maker!

CEDRIC = Doctor of Toxicology – He validates our regulations

MELISSA LUCIE TIFF BARBARA & LUCINDA = They condition all our products with Love.

LAURENT in charge of shipment

ULRICH will welcome you to our Factory Store

MAXIME in charge of shipment