DNA… this universe has existed since our origin. It represents our heart and is the source of our difference. Sober, unprocessed raw products.

Libre !

LIBRE is the seventies … the “HAPPINESS” years!
We have chosen FLOWER POWER in order to honor the pacifist and ecological ideology at the origin of this movement.
A range dedicated to committed and free women …


Emblematic MAS DU ROSEAU RANGE for products suited to your occupations!


Blanche’s drugstore
Bicarbonate, vinegar, essential oils, black soap, Marseille soap and water, only make up our formulas at + 98%.
This is probably how my grandmother Blanche would have thought of solid cosmetics …
To each generation its find!

La Philosophie

It is a range in line with our place of life. The recipes come from the ancestral cradle of Marseille soap and reworked according to our philosophy, without any controversial substances.

Picto Homme

For The Man, the true, natural, with a touch of humor… fun and effective products!

When I grow up…

​Products filled with Nature and Love!


Bulk is the future for responsible purchasing and moving towards “Zero waste”.

It is economical and ecological, whether for detergents or cosmetics.

By avoiding waste, the planet and your wallet will thank you for sure!

Sélectionnez vos produits et composez votre coffret cadeau personnalisé ...

Sélectionnez vos produits et composez votre coffret cadeau personnalisé ...


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