Encounter with Pascale Mas du Roseau Manager

It was during my summer holiday in France that I first saw the shop and immediately fell in love with the idea and the concept of the shop. I purchased samples of the product and tried them at home. It was then that I started communicating with Pascale and showed my interest to bring her Brand to Dubai.
My first personal encounter was in summer 2018 when I was invited to visit Mas Du Roseau factory in St. Chamas. I flew from Paris with my husband and there she was waiting for us at the airport. Next day she gave us a tour of the factory and the shop. It was amazing to see how they made all these wonderful products in a small factory.
I was really impressed how Pascale managed to build such a successful business. It was obviously down to her dedication and hard work.
Thank you, Pascale, for giving me this opportunity. We look forward to a better future with you always and forever

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