Mas Du Roseau Art of Living

More responsible consumption to simply feel good …
A life that respects the environment and the work of others.
Quality manufacturing implemented by people from all walks of life who share our values.
A permanent concern to preserve our planet by practicing and favoring recycling.
We take care of your WELL-BEING with our soap maker know-how.

Our Philosophy dedicated to Nature

Our lifestyle focuses on taking time to appreciate what nature has to offer.
The idea of MAS since its creation in 1983 in the South of France is to go back to basics by offering you ancestral recipes, revisited and up to date. To be in keeping with this philosophy, instead of asking ourselves what can be added to products, we look for what we can remove in order to keep only the essentials.
MAs Du Roseau goal as an artisan is to offer you simple, short, well-studied formulas made up of superior quality ingredients in order to offer you a more real, healthier, more natural daily life.

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