Give everyone the opportunity to use products from natural origin, both eco-responsible and healthy for the body. During these forty years of existence, this philosophy has never left the Mas of the Reed. It agrees with an artisanal way of working, which gives pride of place to local ingredients and without added substances harmful to health and the planet.


Le Mas du Roseau has made sustainable development its priority since 1983! How does this ecological spirit translate to us? A clean wording! “What can we add to our products ?” ask the industrialists. “What can we take away from our products?” retorts the Mas du Roseau team. To get closer of the most natural composition possible, this is the objective of the artisanal factory. Thus, each year, the formula of each product is screened based on the latest scientific research. This makes it possible to definitively rule out the controversial substances for human health and the environment.


For some of our products we have chosen the RSPO sector. We are committed to being actors in the preservation of biodiversity, to use only one sustainable palm oil We contribute to the 1% for the planet. 1% of the turnover achieved on our LIBRE range is donated to associations for the preservation of the environment. We also support the ASPAS… Association which works for the protection of wild animals in France.

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