Concerned about our environment, we develop biodegradable soap formulas. All our products are efficient and eco-friendly.

We use French ingredients from sustainable agriculture.

We favor local partnerships.

Regarding our packaging, we are doing away with unnecessary packaging. Our containers are reusable and recyclable.

Biodegradability, a concept to be clarified… “After use, most of the detergents end up in the wastewater collection network. Depending on the quality of the surfactants used, they will degrade more or less quickly and thus have a lower environmental impact.


Our lifestyle focuses on taking time to appreciate what nature has to offer.
The idea of MAS since its creation in 1983 is to go back to basics by offering you ancestral recipes, revisited and up to date. To be in keeping with this philosophy, instead of asking ourselves what we can add to our products, we look for what we can remove in order to keep only the essentials.
Our goal as an artisan is to offer you simple, short, well-studied formulas made up of superior quality ingredients in order to offer you a more real, healthier, more natural daily life.


We adhere to the RSPO chain.

We are committed to being an actor in the conservation of biodiversity, to use only sustainable palm oil (essential for the saponification of some of our solid soaps).

We made the decision about 4 years ago:

  • to eliminate all traces of CMR (carcinogens, mutagens or toxic for reproduction) from our formulas
  • to use perfumes based on essential oils from Grasse, 100% made in France
  • to eliminate all plastic packaging by the end of 2020

We contribute to the 1% for the planet. 1% of the turnover achieved by some of our ranges is donated to associations for the preservation of the environment.

IFRA has developed and implemented a Code of Practice which provides recommendations for best practice in order to ensure that fragrances are safe for the consumer.


Our 2021 objectives:
Being eco-certified “cosmos mature” for detergents and for our cosmetics.
Continue the top marks we are getting on consumer information apps.
The clarification of our labels for more transparency and understanding.
The construction of a new building!
Meetings, for ever more local partnerships.
We will never stop working for your well-being with our soap-making know-how.

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